Sunday, November 4, 2018

Transformer Cookies

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Transformer Cookies

I made Transformer Cookies for my cousin Pam whose son who was celebrating his sixth birthday. The Autobots are Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. I also made a dozen number 6 cookies with flames in red and blue; the colors of Optimus Prime. My fave is Bumblebee and my hubby and I have seen all the Transformer movies and enjoyed them all! Go to my Holiday Sugar Cookies post for the vanilla cookie and royal icing recipes. The recipe yields 48-50 cookies. 

Transformer Autobot Cookies
Transformer Autobot and Number Six Cookies

Transformer Autobot Cookies
I covered the Autobots using a border icing first, letting that dry for 1/2 hour and then with the flood icing to cover each cookie. I let the cookies dry overnight. I made yellow, blue, and red Autobots. For the number 6, I made a dozen in red and blue and alternated the two colors on the cookies making 6 with blue flames and the other six flames in red.

Yellow Autobots done

Blue Autobots have to dry

Red Autobots have to dry
The next day I used a Chefmaster Food Decorating Pen in black to outline the face of each Autobot cookie and for the flames on the number six cookie. I then used black border royal icing with a Wilton #1 tip on my icing bottle to apply the detail. I let the cookies dry overnight. This is necessary if you are stacking cookies.

Chefmaster Food Decorating Pens

Wilton #1 Tip on icing bottle for detailing work

Icing Colors in Royal Blue, Super Red, Lemon Yellow

I was inspired by the Transformer Autobot Cookies made by One Sweet Treat:


-Sophia/Two Frys

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