Sunday, November 4, 2018

Transformer Cookies

Transformer Cookies

I made Transformer Cookies for my cousin Pam whose son who was celebrating his sixth birthday. The Autobots are Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. I also made a dozen number 6 cookies with flames in red and blue; the colors of Optimus Prime. My fave is Bumblebee and my hubby and I have seen all the Transformer movies and enjoyed them all! Go to my Holiday Sugar Cookies post for the vanilla cookie and royal icing recipes. 

Transformer Autobot Cookies
Transformer Autobot and Number Six Cookies

Transformer Autobot Cookies
I covered the Autobots using a border icing first, letting that dry for 1/2 hour and then with the flood icing to cover each cookie. I let the cookies dry overnight. I made yellow, blue, and red Autobots. For the number 6, I made a dozen in red and blue and alternated the two colors on the cookies making 6 with blue flames and the other six flames in red.

Yellow Autobots done

Blue Autobots have to dry

Red Autobots have to dry
The next day I used a Chefmaster Food Decorating Pen in black to outline the face of each Autobot cookie and for the flames on the number six cookie. I then used black border royal icing with a Wilton #1 tip on my icing bottle to apply the detail. I let the cookies dry overnight. This is necessary if you are stacking cookies.

Chefmaster Food Decorating Pens

Wilton #1 Tip on icing bottle for detailing work

Icing Colors in Royal Blue, Super Red, Lemon Yellow

I was inspired by the Transformer Autobot Cookies made by One Sweet Treat:


-Sophia/Two Frys

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