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Easter Eggs Using Cool Whip

Easter Eggs Using Cool Whip

Easter Eggs Using Cool Whip
Pretty Easter Eggs
About a month ago, I came across the site Passion for Savings and loved the way the Easter Eggs came out using Cool Whip. I watched the video and had to try it. Last week, Allen and I made our Easter Eggs with Cool Whip and they came out so pretty. Every year we like to color eggs together and we had fun doing them. I will use this technique again next year and do many more colors. You only need a few ingredients. See directions below.

Close-up of Easter Eggs, so pretty!

1- 24 oz. Cool Whip

Americolor Gel Food Colors

1 Dozen Eggs, Hard Boiled

3 Cups Distilled White Vinegar

Close-up of Easter Eggs

Thaw Cool Whip and place it in 2 9x13 baking dishes.

Put 3-4 drops of Gel Colors of your choice into Cool Whip, and combine using a knife and swirl around to mix the different colors. I did two colors in each dish.

Once hard boiled eggs are cooled, place in a large bowl in vinegar and soak for 10 minutes. This step will help the eggs absorb the color.

Using AmeriColor Turquoise-left and Sky Blue-right
Gently pat dry each egg with a paper towel.

Place eggs in the Cool Whip color mixture and cover completely, and let them absorb the color for 20 minutes.

One by one, put egg in a bowl of water to remove Cool Whip. Only do this for a few seconds.

AmeriColor Purple-left and Fuschia-right
Gently pat dry with paper towel and repeat until you do all the eggs.

I placed in a dish, covered with plastic wrap, and placed in the fridge overnight for the colors to develop.

Note: Do not place eggs in running water or the color will wash off.

Covering eggs completely and letting them set to absorb the color
For instructions and video, visit Passion For Savings:


-Sophia/Two Frys

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  1. These were a really fun project and look very cool when completed


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