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Olón - Atlantic City Restaurant Week

Olón - Atlantic City Restaurant Week

Allen with his pork sandwich and fries
I am loving the decor
Menu for Atlantic City Restaurant Week
Chef Jose Garces grand opening of Olón was March 4, and we were there for lunch a few days later, March 7 to experience the Atlantic City Restaurant Week lunch menu. The name Olón (pronounced Ō-lon) is inspired by the beach town of Olón, Ecuador. This predominantly seafood oriented restaurant featuring Chef Garces' family recipes is an inviting beach-like experience with gorgeous decor, and cabanas (see picture) and out the windows, a sweeping view of the ocean and the Atlantic City boardwalk.

Guacamole with Plantain and Taro Chips
Close-up of Guacamole
Close-up of Plantain and Taro Chips
My Sofrito Salsa with Plantain and Taro Chips
As you enter Olón, there is a ceviche bar and lounge that is spectacular. The restaurant is large and the natural light and warm and open design concept brings you to the beach. There is even an outdoor deck with views of the beach to dine in once warm weather arrives.

My fish sandwich and fries
Close-up of my fish sandwich and slaw
My fries - yummy!

The lunch menu featured the following:
(Choose 1)
Guacamole - Avocado, Roasted Jalapeño, Cojita Cheese, Taro Chips

Sofrito Salsa - Plantain and Taro Chips

Cheese Empanada - Ricotta, Mozzarella

(Choose 1)
Chicken Sandwich - Gilled chicken, Bacon, Avocado, Huancaina Sauce, Tomato

Pork Sandwich - Pickled Jalapeño, Roasted Onions, Cilantro Mayo

Fish Sandwich - Yuzu Tartar Sauce, Butter Lettuce, Cabbage & Red Onion Slaw

(Choose 1)
Coconut Parfait - Mango Pearls, Pistachio Cream

Flan - Spiced Caramel Custard

Allen's pork sandwich and fries
Close-up of Allen's pork sandwich
Allen ordered the guacamole, pork sandwich and coconut parfait for dessert. The guacamole was spicy and so fresh tasting and the gourmet plantain and taro chips were thinly sliced and complimented the guacamole. The pork sandwich was tasty and the kick from the pickled jalapeños brought all the flavors together into a superb sandwich. The cilantro mayo complimented the bold pork seasoning. The coconut parfait brought you to the beach with lovely summer flavors of mango and coconut.

My flan
Allen's lovely coconut parfait
Close-up of Allen's coconut parfait
I ordered the sofrito salsa, fish sandwich and flan. The sofrito salsa was seasoned beautifully, and I loved the crunch of the plantain and taro chips. Each bite of the fish sandwich was super yummy with a crunch from the cabbage and red onion slaw, and a flavorful and creamy yuzu tartar sauce to top it off. The fries were seasoned and sliced thin and fried to perfection. The flan was refreshing and complimented the spiced caramel sauce laden over the top and all around the sides of the plate.

Nice restaurant logo
Decor is so nice and inviting
Love the cabana style dining area and the floors
This was a wonderful eating experience and everything we ate was superb. The flavors were bold, bright and the ingredients meshed perfectly. The food was a sublime symmetry of ingredients laden with the right amount of spices and flavors. The staff and waitress were friendly, and two managers came to our table and asked us how we were enjoying the food. We plan to return for dinner, and hope to dine outside in the deck next time we visit Tropicana.

Beachy feel, pretty chairs and tables
Love the floor

For further information, please visit:
Olón -

Olón at Tropicana -

-Sophia and Allen/Two Frys

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