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Carline Phanor - Men Pa'w Gourmet Hot Sauce

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Carline Phanor - Men Pa'w Gourmet Hot Sauce
Carline Phanor is owner and creator of Men P'aw Gourmet Hot Sauce. Based in South Florida, the versatile and successful product line has gained mass appeal to various cuisines and this is no surprise. Men Pa'w features rich and bold flavors in each of their products to satisfy all heat lovers. Men Pa'w recently introduced Hot Ketchup which is sure to be a huge sensation, and we are looking forward to reviewing it here soon. Read on to learn more about Carline Phanor and Men Pa'w Gourmet Hot Sauce.

Green Peppa Madness, Gourmet Blended Hot Condiment
and Reserved Special Red Sauce
Can you talk a little bit about your culinary experience and how this influenced you to create Men P'aw Gourmet Hot Sauce. Also, why did you decide to create your own hot sauce company?
I initially worked at a very touristic bar restaurant in Haiti where I gained experience and interest for food and exotic Caribbean spices. One day I decided to create my own hot sauce because I always enjoyed cooking and trying new things in the kitchen. The kitchen has always been my sanctuary. I simply enjoy cooking and my hot sauce came about without a recipe in mind, it was all inspirational. Its success among friends and family is what led me to open the company. Friends and family encouraged me to market it so that more people can enjoy it.

Hot Ketchup
Tell me about your product line and which Men P'aw hot sauce is your top seller?
My first two products that were introduced to the market were the Reserved Special Red Sauce and the Green Peppa Madness. Most recently we introduced the Hot Ketchup. All these product are condiments that can be used as a marinade and as an accompaniment to hors d'oeuvres. The top seller is the Reserve Special Red Sauce because of the heat level and the bold flavor. It is more pleasing to the palate of the Caribbean and Hispanic customers.
Hot Ketchup label
I am wondering what the name Men P'aw means and why you used it for the name of your company?
Men Pa'w Hot Sauce first started when my ex-husband gave me a handful of hot peppers, hence, the picture I have chosen for my bottles. Reluctantly, I planted them and to my amazement the South Florida weather complimented the growth of these Caribbean peppers of an abundant harvest. I began to give them away to friends and family until one fine day I had an epiphany. I took the peppers to the kitchen and whipped out my blender and began experimenting to create a hot sauce. When I found a blend to my liking, I had friends and family taste it accompanied by an array of appetizers. Without failure it was always a hit! With the name, Men Pa'w is a Haitian Creole word meaning "here's yours" the name was chosen because I wanted the words to reflect that sentiment. Thus, the Giving Hand became the trademark of the company. The success of my hot sauce has become a "must have" in the kitchen and dining room tables of families of different ethnicities in South Florida.

The lovely Carline Phanor of Men Pa'w Gourmet Hot Sauce
When you create your hot sauce recipes what drives your inspiration?
I created the hot sauce because of my love for hot and spicy sauces. Initially the creative juices in me reached out to satisfy my own taste buds. It was a need to create something in the hot sauce category that satisfied my palate. As previously mentioned, one day I had epiphany. I took the peppers to the kitchen and whipped out my blender and began experimenting to create a hot sauce. I had friends and family taste it accompanied by an array of appetizers. Without failure it was always a hit! With the successions of approval I took it one step further and decided that the name Men Pa'w would become my trademark.

Living in South Florida I know that there is a diverse food culture with cuisines from many regions. In what ways has this helped Men P'aw to be successful as it is?
The diversity of South Florida includes Caribbean, Central American and South Americans who all love hot sauces as it is already part of their culture. The authenticity and the blend of flavors in Men P'aw makes it attractive and irresistible.

Men Pa'w Gourmet Hot Sauce
Do you run all aspects of the business yourself and can you discuss what an average day for you is like?
My day to day activities of the business involves managing the online business and staying in touch with my distributors. Planning and making key financial decisions. Receiving feedback from customers and making changes accordingly. I also employ key financial, marketing and legal advisors.

Green Peppa Madness
Tell me about your experience being a woman proprietor in the hot sauce world? I think it is great to have more and more women owners of hot sauce companies. What advise can you offer a fellow woman interested in doing a hot sauce company?
I am part of a very competitive male dominated market and at times I have to work twice as hard to be recognized. Consistency, determination, perseverance, self confidence and NEVER take NO for an answer.

Do you have a Men P'aw sauce that is your favorite and what you love to pair it with?
My favorite is the Reserve Special Red Sauce and I usually pair it with chicken wings, BBQ meats, fish and as a marinade. I also use it as a regular condiment on a variety of foods.

Green Peppa Madness and Reserved Special Red Sauce
What is your favorite pepper and why?
The Chocolate Habanero pepper is my favorite because it has a richer flavor and a smokier aroma than the regular Orange Habanero. There is a wide variety of Chocolate Habanero peppers. They originated from Central America. Their original home is Mexico, Caribbean Islands, particularly Jamaica. Some varieties include Hot Chocolate Habanero from Senegal and the Congo Black Habanero. The heat of the Habanero peppers is rated by Scoville heat units; the average Habanero ranges from 100,000 - 350,000 units. The Chocolate Habanero ranges between 400,000 - 450,000 units. This is what provides the exceptional heat and aroma to the Men Pa'w sauce.

Beside the new spicy Hot Ketchup, do you have any other new products upcoming?
The Spicy Mustard will soon be another addition to the product line. The Spicy Orange Marmalade is also being developed to be used as a condiment or a glaze.

Reserved Special Red Sauce
What is your aspiration for the future of your hot sauce company?
To expand nationally and worldwide. I would like to introduce my brand of hot sauce to European and African markets.

Besides the website, where are your products available?
To name a few in Florida we sell at Bravo Supermarkets, Presidente, New Way Foods, Tropical Supermarket, Neighbors Supermarket, Norman Brothers, Joanna's Market Place, Chez Tito's Argentinian Restaurant, Le Lambi, Island Jamaican Restaurant, Jamrock Jamaican Restaurant. In New York City, we sell at Kalustyans Specialty Foods. In Canada, we sell at Espace Hublon, Boucherie BeauBien and Sauce Piquantes. My customers come back for more of that wild Aphrodisiac taste…I don't think any competitors will be able to match that!

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