Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Reaper of Sorrow Hot Sauce - Born To Hula

Reaper of Sorrow Hot Sauce - Born To Hula

A New Flavorful, Hot, and Edible Reaper hot sauce is now out (I mention edible as some Reaper Pepper products out there are just too hot for their own good). This extremely hot sauce is a real treat to add to your food. This is a smooth blend of Red Jalapenos and Carolina Reapers with a tomato base.

Reaper of Sorrow Cheeseburgers, HOT and Delicious!
This is what is called a Sriracha style hot sauce and I agree. The wonderful flavors and all together taste of this bright red, ultra hot sauce goes great on everything I tried it on. I kitchen tested this sauce for several weeks on a variety of foods.

Some of the foods I topped with this versatile Reaper of Sorrow sauce include Pasta with Red Sauce, Chinese Stir Fry, Oven Roasted Homemade Vegetables, Egg Rolls, Eggs and Nachos. My favorite was the Reaper of Sorrow Homemade Cheeseburger which was amazing (see photo). Reaper of Sorrow has a bite straight up, but when cooked with or added to food its flavors fuse well. Some recent sauces out there are just too hot for enjoyment. After all, the Reaper Pepper is currently the worlds hottest pepper on the Scoville Scale.

If you have family that cannot handle the more extreme hot sauce, just mix a small amount with sour cream and then put that on nacho chips or mexican food. It was really good with the cheese in my cheeseburger. The dairy will tone down the intensity a touch. This sauces focus is on flavor not heat, although it is very hot and one of the hotter sauces that I have had. Born To Hula is a local company based in New Jersey. We have been fans of Born to Hula for several years. I also recommend the Smokin' Pineapple sauce they make for your rice dishes, chicken wings, fish and pork.

The ingredients are very natural and sometimes simple is better. The Reaper of Sorrow Sauce contains Carolina Reaper peppers, Red Jalapenos, red wine vinegar, tomatoes, lemon, onions and garlic. The Siriacha Style is evident in the use of the tasty Red Jalapenos to compliment the heat of the Carolina Reaper Peppers. The pepper taste combined with the other vegetables hit the spot. I must also point out that the aroma of this sauce is a winner as well as the taste. Great texture and colors also compliment this sauce. Order Reaper of Sorrow today from Born to Hula. I recommend you order a few bottles as it may go fast in a Chili-heads household. The bottle note pre warns people it is extremely hot. I think they should put a warning also stating this bottle contains extreme flavor (as well as heat). Special thanks to Ed Bucholtz for reaching out to us to cover his new product.

The hard work done by the creator, Ed Bucholtz really paid off as this sauce shines for fans of both flavor and heat. I am giving this sauce a seal of approval from our hot sauce division at Two Frys. This is the first sauce to receive the Two Frys "Seal of Approval" as well as a recommendation from me. The "Seal of Approval" is a new thing we are going to give hot sauces that really get the combo of both flavor and heat right. I was going to start the "Seal of Approval" in January 2015, but this sauce is just too good not to get it.

To order Born To Hula products and for further information, please visit:
Born To Hula: www.borntohula.com

Born To Hula on Facebook: www.facebook.com/BTH52

-Allen/Two Frys

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