Friday, July 12, 2013

Horrell FIRE Hot Sauce

Horrell Fire Original It's Smokin'
Horrell FIRE Hot Sauce made with only super fresh ingredients is from Greenville, South Carolina. Chili-head Chris Horrell is the brain child of this hot sauce, and I love the hot sauces he sent us for the blog. The Original Sauce is a great smokey hot sauce that uses mesquite for smoke and nice Tabasco peppers for heat. The base is a nice gentle mix of garlicky good tomato based goodness. I also like the vinegary taste that is a must in most southern style hot sauces. This sauce is hot, but will not kill your more heat intolerant friends as the smoke flavor smooths out the heat and all around flavor. As many hot sauces as I have had, I know it is hard to get the smoke on point. It looks like Horrell FIRE has nailed this method well. It is nice to see that Chris Horrell and Horrell FIRE Hot Sauce have been able to add a nice smokey flavor to Tabasco Peppers instead of the standard smoked Jalapeno Chipotle method. This is the first well smoked sauce I have had that uses Tabasco Peppers with a tomato and vinegar base.

Horrell Fire Original on my white rice, Heavenly Hot! 
Horrell FIRE Hot Sauce also sent a much hotter sauce called Damnation, and this sauce really packs the punch. Damnation also has the similar recipe method as in Horrell Fire Original It's Smokin', but uses a lot of Habanero. This sauce is a must try for Chili Pepper fanatics. Damnation delivers the heat and flavor big time! Damnation sauce by Horrell FIRE Hot Sauce is not for the heat intolerant folks out there. The Damnation sauce is also mesquite smoked like the Original. There is also a mid heat (I guess you would call it), blue label Habanero sauce from Horrell FIRE Hot Sauce that I have yet to taste. Go on over to Horrell FIRE Hot Sauce website today and order some hot sauce. Help support fresh Hot Sauces with nice smoked flavors. I have had a great experience with these two sauces, and look forward to more great tasting spicy hot sauces from Horrell FIRE Hot Sauce in the future.

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