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Lucky Dog Hot Sauce

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce
I came across Lucky Dog Hot Sauce online looking for hot sauces from my old stomping grounds, the San Francisco East Bay Area. I was "lucky" to find this wonderful sauce company that makes a tasty line of three sauces with different heat levels. It is great to see quality hot sauce come out of Hayward, CA.

Chicken Wings with Lucky Dog Hot Sauce
Green Label - Lucky Dog Mild Fire-Roasted Pepper Sauce has mild to low medium heat and is real flavorful. I tried it on rice dishes, pizza, and even french fries. I also made chicken wings and love the taste. This sauce has a nice kick but it is not too hot, so my wife enjoyed the wings as well. Green Label contains roasted garlic, roasted jalapenos, and roasted serrano peppers. This sauce has a nice smoothness from the combination of both serrano and jalapeno peppers. This sauce also has carrots, lime juice, and dried chili peppers. Green Label - Lucky Dog Mild Fire Roasted Pepper Sauce is great for all types of food as both a sauce for cooking and for dipping. The low medium heat also makes this sauce a great option for high heat intolerant sauce fans. This sauce has robust flavor and will not burn you up.

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce, we used alot!
Red Label - Lucky Dog Medium Fire Roasted Red Pepper Sauce goes up a notch on the heat level from its mild counterpart. The heat level is right at a medium high one and is much hotter, but not extreme. The Red Label has the same great qualities and ingredients as the Green Label, with the addition of habanero peppers along with the jalapeno and serrano roasted chile peppers. I also made chicken wings with this sauce and on spaghetti as it tasted amazing.

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce is highly recommended. Both sauces are great and will not overpower your food and seasonings, and are a welcome addition to your homemade dishes. Every day is a good day to get Lucky!

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-Allen/Two Frys

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