Thursday, April 18, 2013


Pin It DEFCON 3 Defense Condition All Purpose Wing Sauce Low Heat

Defcon 3
Defcon 3 is one of several Defcon Hot and Wing Sauces. For Easter, I made a batch of chicken wings with Defcon 3 and they were eaten in record time. People were asking for more wings and really liked the mild yet flavorful heat of Defcon 3, which features aged Cayenne Peppers. This is also a gluten free hot sauce and one of my relatives was able to eat it so that was cool. Defcon 3 is the mildest of the Defcon sauces and added a really nice spice to the chicken wings I made. Some of our family could not eat extreme hot sauces (such as my wife), and this went well with all dinner attendees.

I recommend Defcon 3 for grilling chicken and oven baked wings. Support local chiliheads and order New Jersey based Defcon Sauces. This sauce has garnered multiple hot sauce awards over the past few years. Defcon 3 is worth trying out.

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-Allen/Two Frys

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