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IN-N-OUT BURGER - Livermore, CA

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IN-N-OUT Burger from the outside

A view inside IN-N-OUT Burger
Every time Allen and I visit our family in California we have to get our IN-N-OUT BURGER fix. We live in New York and do not have the pleasure of eating at IN-N-OUT BURGER since locations are in California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah and Texas. The burgers and fries from this place are seriously addicting. The french fries are hand cut in-store and fried in 100% cholesterol free, vegetable oil and seasoned with the right amount of salt. The burgers are 100% pure American beef with no additives, fillers or preservatives. IN-N-OUT also sell milkshakes but we did not order any this time, but I have read they are great.

DOUBLE-DOUBLE Cheeseburger, French Fries, Dr. Pepper
We were out shopping with Allen's Dad on Christmas eve and for lunch we went to IN-N-OUT BURGER in Livermore, 1881 North Livermore Avenue. Allen and I ordered the DOUBLE-DOUBLE Cheeseburger with everything, french fries and a soda (Dr. Pepper). The burger consists of freshly baked toasted buns, two beef patties, two American cheese slices, fresh lettuce, tomato, onions and spread. The spread recipe tastes like thousand island (or something close to that) and has been on the burgers since 1948.

Allen with his order
The Livermore staff was friendly when we placed our order. The server took great care to explain any questions we had about the menu. Allen told her he was from the area and visiting from New York. Our server thanked us for visiting and answered some questions about the merchandise in-house, and informed us the website had a much larger selection.

Close-up of DOUBLE-DOUBLE Cheeseburger

Close-up of French Fries
The decor is cool and red and white. I love the layout and open feel inside and you can dine outside if you wish. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal as did Allen. The burger was so satisfying, cooked perfectly and tastes better than any chain burger joint I ever had. The french fries leave me without words to express the utter joy I felt eating them. You can taste the freshness of the potatoes in every bite. What impresses me most about IN-N-OUT is fresh ingredients and quality beef. That makes all the difference in the end product and the great customer service does not hurt either. We cannot wait to be back at IN-N-OUT.

Mt French Fries and DOUBLE-DOUBLE Cheeseburger
For locations and further information about IN-N-OUT Burger, visit:

-Sophia/Two Frys

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