Sunday, October 14, 2012

USA Brazilian Churrascaria & Grill

USA Brazilian Churrascaria & Grill

See the charcoal grilling so many yummy meats!

Allen and my Mom
Yesterday was a bright beautiful sunny day and perfect for some Brazilian cuisine. My nephew is home visiting from college and one of his favorite spots to eat is USA Brazilian Churrascaria & Grill, so the family went there for lunch. I was told it is packed later in the day so we went at a great time. This grill serves the locals from the Portuguese community and is a gem of a place.

Feast your eyes on this - two kinds of soups, rice, black beans, sweet plantains, pork...
I had yellow rice, black beans and plantains
Brazilian Cuisine - eat away!
There are so many different cuts of grilled meats and sausage to please carnivores. The food is set up with the best of Brazilian cuisine in a buffet style and each plate is weighed. If you are going with more than 4 people, I recommend ordering several meat cuts on one plate to share around your table family style. This way your plate has whatever you desire to eat from the buffet. It is more affordable this way. Each table has a house blend of 2 hot sauces and steak sauce. I tried the steak sauce and loved it and Allen enjoyed sampling the hot sauces on his food.
I tried some of the beef with potatoes (bottom left) and the lasagna (top right)

Lovely salad selection too!
The price is very moderate for the amazing amount of food and superb selection. There is also a full bar and the atmosphere is lively and casual in attire. They have a very nice selection of desserts and Brazilian soda in regular and diet. If I lived in Mount Vernon, I would go there at least once a week. Allen and I were full the entire day and did not have dinner and enjoyed everything we ate.
Meat, meat, meat and sausage!
Close up of meats and sausage
USA Brazilian Churrascaria & Grill is located:

145 Gramatan Avenue
Mount Vernon, NY 10550

-Sophia/Two Frys

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