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Atlantic City Food And Wine Festival - Define "Cheese-Steak"

Friday, July 27, 2012

Atlantic City Food And Wine Festival  Define "Cheese-Steak" - Showboat

Andrew Zimmern's Beef Tongue Cheesesteak

People Enjoying Cheesesteaks!
The Define "Cheese-Steak" was a really fun outdoor event at the Main Lot at Showboat. The event was huge and had both indoor in tent seating (open air) and outside seating. The event was hosted by Andrew Zimmern and featured a set up of three huge tents with a stage. The band that performed several sets was Rockabilly band, Full Blown Cherry. I listen to Rockabilly as it is my fave style of music so I was thrilled so see this rockin' band from Pennsylvania. 

Full Blown Cherry
Full Blown Cherry
There were alot of cheesesteak stations all grilling fresh onsite. There were also a few great salad stations and I really enjoyed a yummy spicy cucumber salad and coleslaw. There were over 15 stations of cheesesteaks, salads and beverages.

A chef serving the yummy salads

Lots of Salads To Choose From

Andrew Zimmern
At the Andrew Zimmern table, chefs made a real show stopper - thinly sliced beef tongue cheesesteak sandwiches. I really enjoyed this cheesesteak and the beef tongue had a bacon taste and had crispy edges.

Sammy D's Cheesesteak Dumplings

Sammy D's Cheesesteak Dumplings
I also tasted one of the best bites of the evening at Sammy D's table, Cheesesteak Dumplings. I ate a few of them and they were garnished with chopped hot peppers and the sauce was in an "S" shape to represent the name Sammy D's which is located at Harrah's Resort. This was a wild table to hang at and eat. I had so much fun here and loved these dumplings. I was happy to meet Sammy D and speak with him for a few minutes.

Scarduzio's Cheesesteaks
The table from Scarduzio's from Showboat had some great tasting cheesesteaks and I enjoyed watching all the chefs grill and make the sandwiches for awhile. The staff was very nice and I took some pictures of the chefs.

HBH Cheesesteak

HBH Plating Cheesesteaks
I had a chance to eat a cheesesteak sample which I thoroughly enjoyed from HBH Gourmet Sandwiches & Smoked Meats from Brooklyn, NY.

I had some great samples of cheesesteaks from the stations at this event. I tasted about 10 of them. There was an MC from 100.7 WZXL Southern Jersey's Rock Station which we listen to when we are in town. Since the event was outdoors it was really hot but thankfully when the sun went down, there was a nice breeze and it was much more comfortable. I highly recommend this event and will be attending next year.

-Allen/Two Frys

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  1. haha I read this whole article misreading cheesesteak for cheesecake!I was so confused. I have never had a cheese steak sandwich.
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