Monday, July 25, 2011

A Bronx Tale Dinner, Caesars, Palladium Ballroom

A Bronx Tale Dinner with Chazz Palminteri
Saturday, July 23, 2011
Caesars, Palladium Ballroom, Atlantic City, NJ.

Poster for the dinner
A few weeks ago, we get an envelope in the mail that reads "An offer you won't refuse." The offer was an invitation for A Bronx Tale Dinner with Chazz Palminteri at Caesars, Palladium Ballroom on Saturday, July 23, 2011. Of course we would oblige and we were very excited to attend the dinner and we also saw the show.

The lovely table we sat at
This was an Italian family style dinner and all the food was served on huge platters and was passed around the table for all to share. Up to 12 people were seated at each table and ours had 10 people. We had a really great time interacting with the others at our table and the music was great.

Live band that performed this evening
The live band performed throughour the evening and alot of people got up and danced. The band was really great and played lots of oldies and current hits that got the crowd going. I really enjoyed seeing the older couples dancing. So romantic.

Chazz Palminteri spoke to the diners for a few minutes about A Bronx Tale
Chazz Palminteri graced the stage and audience for just a few minutes and told us all to come see the show. Chazz explained the film stems from the show Robert De Niro saw him perform that later turned into the movie. A Bronx Tale is one gem of a film so if you have not seen it you should.

Me and Allen having a wonderful time
A week before my husband got the dinner invitation, he received an invite to come see the show and stay over at Caesars so we went to see it afterwards at Circus Maximus Theatre. We were not disappointed! This one-man show was great.

Pretty vase with red roses
Hundreds of people attended this event and each table was beautifully decorated with a pretty vase with roses. The room decor was really nice, inviting and festive. Caesars really does a wonderful job with these events.

Antipasti Platter

Allen's plate
The appetizer course was an Antipasti Platter and Assorted Fresh Bread Basket. Allen enjoyed the bread selection especially the onion and sesame soft bread sticks. The antipasti platter had prosciutto, salami, pancetta, ham, mozzarella balls, some other cheeses, black and green olives, spicy pickled peppers stuffed with cheese and meat.

Caesar Salad
Allen's first bite of Caesar salad
 The second course consisted of Caesar Salad, which was delicious.

Chicken dish with sauce and veggies

Salmon dish with asparagus and cherry tomatoes
The main course was chicken breast in sauce with vegetables and for seafood lovers baked breadcrumb-crusted salmon served with asparagus and cherry tomatoes. I had the chicken and it was good. Allen had the salmon, and said it was amazing and had a very light and delicious texture.

Pasta dish
The pasta dish was penne with vegetables and mozzarella balls. A selection of Italian desserts were served such as cannoli, tiramisu, ladyfingers, amaretto cookies, biscotti, and chocolate covered cherries in amaretto liqueur.

-Sophia and Allen/Two Frys

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  1. Another Great Foodie event from the Chef's at Caesars. This was a nice feast with amazing food and Anti Pasto platters. I really like the stuffed hot italian hot peppers. They were pickeled and stuffed with amazing cheese and meats. The Salmon was great Baked not pan fried this was an A+ Dinner and great show afterwords.


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