Friday, September 24, 2010

Trader Joe's Opens on the Upper West Side, NYC

 Trader Joe's Opens on the Upper West Side, NYC

Trader Joe's 72nd Street and Broadway, Grand Opening
Allen and I were thrilled when we found out Trader Joe's was opening a store on the Upper West Side. Finally, this would be the closest location to us and it wouldn't take as long on the crowded subway to get home than Trader Joe's downtown Union Square location. Trader Joe's opened its doors on Monday and we went Friday evening. It was very crowded but we were able to move around just at a slower pace. We wanted to see everything first time around so we know where eveything is on subsequent visits. I was happy to see favorites like Goddess Dressing. The store has everything I have seen at other locations so I was very happy with the selections in all categories.

When you enter the store, you take an escalator or elevator down one level to shop and there is a second lower level for even more shopping. We were there around 5pm on a Friday evening so unless you live around the area and are just going in for a few things go earlier or later. In the future, we will try and avoid heavy crowds at this time. The lines were so long but employees helped to keep it organized and it went real fast. There are so many registers so don't let long lines deter you from shopping.
Hubby with 3 of our bags from our Trader Joe's shopping
You can buy Trader Joe's cool selection of green reuseable bags from $1 and up or bring your own. You can ask for paper bags for no extra cost instead of using plastic bags. We brought two bags from our August vacation in California we purchased when we stayed with hubby's parents in Livermore. We filled up both these bags, bought another one and in total, came out of Trader Joe's with four bags of goodies. We are so happy Trader Joe's has opened in this location.

-Sophia and Allen/Two Frys

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